About us

Brand originated from German modern design philosophy, to create the contracted, comfortable, environmental protection and health quality living space for global consumers with a grateful heart.

With over 13 years business experience in sanitary wares, OTOL continuously focus on supplying high quality products to our customers, not only because of the market requirements, but always a thought we believe only that way can drive the company forward, and we do it. 

Found in 2009

OTOL found in 2009  ,and start our dream "to build a better bathroom" 


with the dream,All OTOL working hard and we first time to start our market in South Africa


With the continuous growth of our business, we began to carry out our business on a global scale, and established profound business relationships with customers in many countries and regions, such as Thailand, Australia, the United States, Canada, Ethiopia, Saudi Arabia, India, etc. .

OTOL Bathroom Experience Life Museum

 How to bring users a better product experience is our long-standing pursuit. In 2013, we established our bathroom life experience hall, so that customers can experience our products at close range.

OTOL Factory Setup

In year 2014, we build up our first factory 


High Quality Control

Every product guarantees reliability and durability with a great look and functionality.

Products has well passed the approval of Australia quality standard Watermark Wels and CE Certificate, as well as ISO9001 management system.

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